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Too many vassals in Crusader Kings 3

In Crusader Kings 3, one of the key mechanics rulers need to manage is their number of direct vassals. Each ruler has a vassal limit based on their highest title rank and laws, going over which reduces taxes and levies from vassals. Having too many direct vassals can quickly become an unstable mess. Here’s how to avoid and fix the problem of exceeding your vassal limit.

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Too many duchies in Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 limits the number of duchy titles a ruler can personally hold before incurring penalties. Specifically, kings and emperors can only hold 2 duchy titles before their vassals start to get upset. Going over this limit results in all vassals getting an opinion malus, which can lead to dangerous faction formation if left unchecked. However, there are ways to manage having too many held duchies.

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Last Train Home – all we know, release date, price, platforms, languages

Last Train Home historical RTS looks like very potential game for real time strategy genre. I really love description that LTH is like Company of Heroes meets Frostpunk. The atmosphere that the game will breathe on you at least from what I’ve seen so far is incredible. Tough decisions, a great story, an unconventional theme all play into making Last Train Home a success. Let’s take a look at it.

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Star Trek: Infinite – all we know, release date, price, platforms, languages

Star Trek: Infinite is new band from Paradox Interactive which uses elements from Stellaris set in the Star Trek universe. This game looks like fork of successful and has the potential to bring an amazing game to a larger group of fans. Let’s take a look at how everything will work and go through all the practical info you need to know.

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Main features of new Cities Skylines 2

The developers make roadmap in which they plan which game features show us. Developers chose different way how to show us game features than is usual and I think that this way was better than way which chose developers of Victoria 3 last year…

… but stop talking about introduction let’s look deeper on main features which will bring Cities Skylines 2 to our city builders strategy game genre.

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Everything about Cities Skylines 2

The saga of new Cities Skylines starts with…

Colossal Order returns

which was one of sentences of Paradox Announcement Show invitation to the March 6 event. We got a bunch of games at this event and in the end when everyone celebrate 8 years of CS we get informations about Cities Skylines 2.

Welcome on StrateGGames website in article about all informations about Cities Skylines 2. All we know about game you should find in this article. 🏙️

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