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Our love for strategy games was behind why we decided to start website about them StrateGGames. After tens of years of playing games like OpenTTD, and SimCity to the latest hits like HOI4, and CK3 we decided to start this site because.

You can find the most interesting strategy games in the top menu – I try to break them down by strategy sub-genre. Also, we are looking for upcoming strategy games in a special category here.

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We’re not another random site. We play the games ourselves, our tutorials are based on experience, and we explore how single-player game mechanics work. We’re not afraid to go deep. And we believe you’ll appreciate that from us.

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How make money in Cities Skylines 2?

Are you struggling to make money in Cities Skylines 2? Proper budget planning and reaching milestones are essential for generating a steady income in the game. Additionally, effectively balancing taxes, focusing on cost of services, exporting resources, utilizing public transport and parkings, and knowing when to take loans or start over can all contribute to a prosperous city economy. Learn how to maximize your income and create a successful city in Cities Skylines 2 with these helpful tips.

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Taxes in Cities Skylines 2

One crucial aspect you need to master in Cities Skylines 2 is taxation. In this game, there are four types of taxes: residential, commercial, industrial, and office taxes. But be careful, increasing taxes can have a significant impact on your city’s economy and overall happiness. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this information will help you create a thriving city. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets of taxation in Cities Skylines 2!

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Export/Import electricity in Cities Skylines 2

In this article, we will explore the costs of producing MV (MegaWatts) in Cities Skylines 2 and how it is crucial in determining whether to import or export electricity in your city which I show you more deeply.

Additionally, I will provide strategies to increase electricity production for export, such as building more power plants, upgrading existing ones, diversifying sources, and utilizing high voltage power lines.

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