About StrateGGames

Hi and welcome on StrateGGames this website I’m created in June 2022 after some months of thinking about this step to unknown. From my childhood I love strategy games and this is next step how to share my view and tips about games that I play that I’ve found my way to.

Who works on StrateGGames?

Martin aka “Numero”

I’m main creator of this website. I’m from Czech Republic. Mine road to strategy games came from my childhood when we don’t have good PC to play complex games which need graphics like are RPG and mine parent’s don’t buy FPS. So strategy games was a good way to play and keep the parents happy…

Tycoons & complex simulations & hardcore experience

Preferred strategy games

… for now I’m playing on MacBook Pro 2021. Games which aren’t available on MacBook I’m playing with GeForce Now which seems good alternative until I buy a desktop PC. Some games which aren’t too complex or aren’t strategy I’m playing on PS4 Pro or PS5.

Articles from Martin


Tereza is our editor and proofreader and she primarily makes sure that every articles you read on StrateGGames are “readable” and that Martin or other writers are focused on topic and shows you primarily the interesting information you just need to know to move on in the game.

External authors

Sometimes you could see “External author” as author of articles. These writers are external which mean that they aren’t part of our core redaction. Usually we are collaborating on these articles before we’re hiring these authors to our core editorial staff.

Redaction rules about experience

Main rule which we have is that we need to know what about we are writing. We work to know the game in detail before we start publishing. We monitor and research dev diaries which developers publish, we are watching forums like Reddit or Steam Community to get information which problems have others, we are watching on official / unofficial streams and other YouTube series.

But main source for StrateGGames is own experience from playing. Sometimes when big game are released we take some days off in our works and we are focusing on playing this new game and create content for you. So that you can get information as soon as possible.

Every main category has one “garant” which is responsible for content which you read. Information about main garant for every category you could see on bottom of our category pages. Also you could see favorite tactics of garants to get more context.

Games which about we write

Bellow you could see list of games which we was playing in these years. Some games we are playing continuous and for these games, we always put the last year we played the game.

Games played in 2023:

Games played in 2022:

  • Crusader Kings III
  • Planet Zoo
  • Game Dev Tycoon
  • Railway Empire
  • Project Hospital
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon

Goal of StrateGGames

1️⃣ Provide insights from strategy games

2️⃣ Share our experience with games

3️⃣ Provide helpful and detailed tips and tricks

4️⃣ Show what is posibble when you play

Can I join StrateGGames and be part of team?

Yes we are opened to new strategy game redactors.

Monetization, relationship with others

We monetize this website through advertising. We are not opposed to other collaborations with developers or other sites, but none are currently in progress. If we do collaborate with someone in the future, we’ll mark it transparently – don’t be afraid.


If you want to contact us, write to [email protected]

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