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StrateGGames is a website that I created in June 2022 after several months of wondering if I should do it or not. To be fair, I have loved strategy games since I was a kid, and when I had some time, I played them.

Many hours spent with Cities Skylines, SimCity, ZOO Tycoons, and many other games made me interested in this topic. What I really love are browser-based strategy games, even if there are a lot of people to get angry with. It is mostly because you know the game mechanics in-depth and are active…

… and so it happened that relationship with strategy games became an addiction. I enjoy going deep, thinking about how things work, trying to deduce patterns, and when it all clicks together, I’m overjoyed.

StrateGGames was therefore created as an environment where I could share with others my “nerdiness” and the “depth” I’m getting into in the world of strategy games. I believe that my tips and tips from our editorial staff can build on something I started when I was ten years old and first logged into a strategy game.

Yes, many times you don’t know what works, and neither did I in the past. But today, with some experience, I know how to play and win. And that’s why I decided to pass on my experience. Now I maybe play fewer games but still write more and more about them. In addition, I also work on one OG I used to play as a child.

From my point of view, strategy games are simply everything. And that’s where I’m going with StrateGGames. Welcome and enjoy the opportunity to be here – it’s a great honor.

opening words – 28.9.2023
Written by Martin “Numero”

How does StrateGGames work?

On our website, we are following the main strategy games that are popular among players. Right now, we are looking forward to new strategy games that should come to market in the future and are diving deeper into the game mechanics and the game industry itself.

StrateGGames is an independent redaction, so we choose what we write and how we get the articles to you. We are very happy for any strategy game that has success and we celebrate it in our articles.

Anyway, we are trying to evaluate everything properly. We don’t write to order. Quality wins over quantity and money. Anyone from the editorial team can submit a topic they want to cover and then elaborate on it. We are open to anything and would love to hear from you.

How do we create content?

As we mentioned above, our goal is to provide a pure experience, so we play games, watch YouTube videos, and are active in the Reddit/Steam communities to learn more about the games and what a player likes or dislikes about a particular game.

Each category has a “person in charge / garant” who has the most experience in the game from our team and also who is responsible for fact-checking of other redactors writing under that category. More about grants and their favorite starting strategy game can be seen in each category.

We use “rich content” in our articles. According to that, you should see some boxes with tips and clickable scripts that can send us feedback. So feel free to use them. We will then create everything you need and take care of it. We were not just another website among many. We put everything into our work.

All content you see as images comes from our time spent in the games, unless otherwise defined. For games we haven’t had a chance to play, we use official photos from Press Kits, the Stream Store, or the developer websites and always try to include them. If there’s a photo that bothers you, contact us and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Redaction team of StrateGGames

Martin “Numero”

I’m the owner of StrateGGames and the main author of all the articles you can read on our website. I currently live in the Czech Republic in Central Europe.

As the introduction above indicate, I’ve been playing strategy games since I was a kid.

Previously, I just clicked buttons randomly and had no idea what was going on. Now that I have about 15 years of experience under my belt, I know what I’m doing and what I can teach you.

Articles from Martin


Tereza is our editor and proofreader and she makes sure that every article you read on StrateGGames is “readable” and that Martin or other writers are dedicated to the topic and present you the best information you can get to move forward in the game.

Articles from Tereza

Currently we are looking for more authors and creators who would be interested in working on StrateGGames. To get more information, open our hiring page and contact us.

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For monetization we use ads, as you should see. We also offer collaboration with developers/publishers and PR agencies, however, you will not be able to pay for our opinion. Rather, we see it as a way to learn about interesting games that we would otherwise miss.

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