Export/Import electricity in Cities Skylines 2

In this article, we will explore the costs of producing MV (MegaWatts) in Cities Skylines 2 and how it is crucial in determining whether to import or export electricity in your city which I show you more deeply.

Additionally, I will provide strategies to increase electricity production for export, such as building more power plants, upgrading existing ones, diversifying sources, and utilizing high voltage power lines.

Costs of MV in Cities Skylines 2

Before I start describing export/import electricity to your city must I mention my analysis of costs of produced MV in Cities Skylines 2 because this is important when you are make decision if import or export. You need to get price which you pay for imported MV or price for exported MV and it’s good to compare with my table from my another article

Power PlantCost of MVUpkeep of MVOrder
Wind Turbine5 0003 0007️⃣
Small Coal Power Plant5 0003 5006️⃣
Gas Power Plant2 6002 5005️⃣
Coal Power Plant3 3332 000🥉
Solar Power Plant7 5001 500🥈
Nuclear Power Plant6 6671 333🥇
Geothermal Power Plant5 0002 0004️⃣
Yeah best ratio expenses to MV have Nuclear / Solar / Coal plants in CS2

… for example if you get 2 500 – 2 700 money per one exported MV then isn’t good idea to build power plant in which cost MV more than that money. And also if you import electricity in less than 1 500 per MV then you probably can’t build better power plant. Or other way if you import electricity by 4 500 per MV then you will save money if you build power plant (any).

Look on these stats of exports/imports

So just remember focus on this numbers or your city won’t make money and you will struggle. Now back to topic and I will show you how to import / export electricity in Cities Skylines 2 which could be great way how to boost your town.

Import electricity

To set up an outside connection for importing electricity, you need to have high voltage power lines running into your starting square. Place a transformer station near the power lines and connect them to the transformer station.

Connection of power lines and transformer station

Your city will automatically begin importing electricity if you doesn’t have enough production. Importing electricity can be more expensive than generating your own power, so it’s important to monitor your power usage and consider building your own power plant when it becomes more cost-effective.

Export electricity

Exporting electricity in Cities: Skylines 2 involves connecting your power grid to a Transformer Station and then connecting the Transformer Station to the Power Lines running out of your city. This allows excess electricity to flow from the Transformer Station to the Power Lines and be exported.

Economic panel which you need to follow

You can monitor the amount of money made from exporting electricity by checking the City Economy menu, going to the Budget tab, and highlighting Service Trade. The amount of money made from exporting electricity will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Maximizing profit from exports

As I mentioned above you need to focus on costs of MV. Just avoid making a profit on this, but I have mentioned this several times so I hope you know what I mean. Anyway, more tips below.

To increase electricity production for export, there are several strategies that can be implemented:

  • building more power plants
  • upgrading existing power plants
  • diversifying sources and use battery stations
  • discover hydro power plants

Remember to use from your power plants high voltage power lines to prevent bottle necks and possible loss of electricity. Don’t forget that your wires may be at capacity if you export a lot of electricity then you need to build another connection to the outside world (i.e. build power-lines to the edge of the map)

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