Natural disasters in Cities Skylines 2

These catastrophic events can wreak havoc on your city, causing damage to buildings, infrastructure, and even displacing residents. In this article, I will explore the impact of these disasters and provide valuable insights on how to effectively manage and mitigate their effects. So buckle up and get ready to weather the storm in Cities Skylines 2!

All natural disasters in CS2

In Cities Skylines 2, there are three main types of natural disasters: forest fires, hail storms, and tornadoes. Each of these disasters can have a significant impact on your city and its inhabitants.

Forest Fire

Forest fires can occur when there is a high level of air pollution or when there are dry and hot conditions. These fires can spread quickly and cause damage to buildings, infrastructure, and natural resources. They can also lead to traffic accidents and the evacuation of affected areas.

Small forest fire in Cities Skylines 2

From my own experience I see a lot of forest fires which aren’t affected my city but they remove trees on places where they was. And for now I doesn’t know if trees will renewable in the places where the fire happened If so, I have an unplayable map and will have to start over. It’s better to solve the fires than to have the whole map blown up. Helicopters, on the other hand, cost quite a bit.

Tree that’s already been through the fire. Usually there’s a number of wood around 1,000

This should be better view. We look on natural resources tab in which aren’t trees after forest fire in that location. So this should affect negatively you industry.

Forest fire liquidates the trees

Hail storms

Hail storms can cause damage to buildings, vehicles, and infrastructure. They can also lead to traffic accidents and injuries. During a hail storm, people may prefer to stay indoors, which can affect the flow of traffic and the overall economy of the city. Supposedly there’s an increased occurrence in the winter, so watch out for that.


Tornadoes are the most extreme and destructive natural disasters in Cities Skylines 2. They can cause widespread damage to buildings, infrastructure, and natural resources. Tornadoes can also lead to traffic accidents, injuries, and the displacement of residents. It is important to have an early warning system in place to alert citizens and provide them with enough time to seek shelter.

Nighttime tornado that the game didn’t even report to me.

I suppose because of the tornadoes there are shelters in the game that people can hide in to survive. So far, no tornadoes have hit my town, so I’m relatively satisfied. But I expect it’s going to hurt so far I haven’t built shelters anywhere.

Where are more disasters?

There aren’t more disaster in Cities Skylines 2 but game mechanics are preparing us for future I hope and in future we should expect more disasters I think. There is missing tsunami which was in CS1 or asteroid (but it’s not very realistic so I don’t know if the developers will put it in the game) but on all maps are big mountains so there should be avalanches in future. Maybe there should be pandemics from industry and we can definitely think of more. I would expect more DLC to come in the future with more disasters.

Disaster Control and Management

In Cities Skylines 2, disaster control and management play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of your citizens during times of crisis. The game offers various disaster control buildings that can help mitigate the effects of disasters and provide support to affected citizens.

One type of disaster control building is the shelter. Shelters are designed to provide a safe haven for citizens during emergencies. These buildings have a capacity to accommodate a certain number of people and can protect them from the immediate dangers of a disaster. It is important to strategically place shelters throughout your city to ensure maximum coverage and accessibility for your citizens.

How look bigger shelter for 25 000 people

Second disaster control buildings is early disaster warning system which provides faster evacuations in your city (before something happens) and also reduce disaster damage on our cities by 20%. So If your town is one big disaster then you need to research this.

Early disaster warning systems

The last big building (I don’t count fire watch towers) is Disaster Response Unit which should be as one of upgrade of large fire station and this service will helps with rescue service workers which search for survivors in collapsed buildings. So this is great for tornado in your town.

Disaster response unit in Cities Skylines 2

How to disable them?

If you aren’t familiar with nature disasters then you should disable them when you are starting new map with this checkbox…

… while playing you can’t disable them or I can’t reach information where to disable them. But maybe there is one hope. When I’m loading game there is “map options” which allows me to disable natural disasters. So yes there is possible way how to disable them while playing.

Main important about disabled natural disasters is that you still could get achievements which is great if you want to play more causal.

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