Collaboration with developers and publishers

At StrateGGames we are as impartial as possible. However, we do offer the opportunity to work with strategy game developers/publishers to support you in the marketplace. Still, you can’t buy our opinion and we won’t write what you need for your business just because you paid us. Please, do not expect that from our side.

You cannot pay for “better score” of your game and for our better view of the game. Despite we love strategy games and the process of exploring them as much as possible, we built StrateGGames for honest reactions and impressions.

How to work with us?

The best you can do is to contact us via e-mail martin (at) strateggames (dot) com and we will look at your game experiences. If you send us a link to your Steam page, screens and video, we will likely have everything we need to introduce your game to our community.

We need to learn about your game. The rest is theoretically irrelevant. Yes, we are keeping an eye on release schedules, but knowing about your game and projects in general is enough for the cooperation between us and you.

If we hear from you, we’ll be following you on Twitter (now X), and keeping our fingers crossed and in mind. Don’t forget that there are a lot of games being made in the last few years, so we’d love to hear from you from time to time so we don’t miss your release.

Early access to the game is more than welcome. We fully respect the embargo and how we set it up together. We take it for granted. You may not be able to influence how we play your game, but you will get pro services on the other side.

If you’re working on a game you haven’t announced yet and you want us to publish an article to support your announcement, then let us know about your intentions and when you plan to release/announce – we’ll try to take the time to follow up and start writing right away so we won’t miss anything. Ideally, send us the information a few days in advance so we can prepare for it.

Paid services for developers / publisher of games

At the moment we can’t offer any available payment. Theoretically, for $100 we can provide a one-off report on how many people our articles have read. It’s going to take us a while to find out all the information.

How does the content we create look like?

One of our biggest projects is the Cities Skylines 2 buyer’s guide, which contains all the essential Cities Skylines 2 information players are currently looking for. It’s something we’re working on because we really appreciate the game’s concept and we believe it’s going to be a blast. We can promise you that the games we consider the best will have “similar service” to Cities Skylines 2.

Any game that will be a success in the quick news and that we like can get this nice little article summarizing all the essentials for players. Again, we’re not working directly with the developer of Manor Lords here, but it strikes me as a nice example of how we can help.

Contact us!

In case you are a developer / publisher, please contact us via our special e-mail

martin (at) strateggames (dot) com

Just drop us a line and we’ll figure out the rest.