How to remove traffic lights in Cities Skylines 2?

Removing traffic lights in Cities Skylines 2 is changed and it doesn’t work the way we were used to it from C:S1 so let’s look what you must do if you want to remove traffic lights. Quick step-by-step guide it’s here.

Step by step guide to remove traffic lights

  1. Open progression panel.
  2. Get “advanced road services” for development points
  3. Open road building tool.
  4. Click to Advanced Road Services tab
  5. Click on traffic lights button
  6. Right-click on intersection where you want remove traffic lights

If you want to return traffic lights to specific intersection then you cloud left-click on specific intersection and traffic lights will be back immediately.

Where to find advanced road services in Cities Skylines 2

When we talk about advanced road services then I must say that this progression update is one of must have updates which you need to open first because it will allow multiple ways how to manage your roads.

There is progress how to remove traffic lights on our YouTube Chanel that you should see where to click. I hope that this video helps you.

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