How to build underground power line in Cities Skylines 2?

You’ll never run a power line through a road or a house again. In the new CS2 you can build power line underground not only “low voltage” but also “high voltage” and today I will show you how.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Open Electricity panel
  2. Select High voltage power line
  3. Pres page-down for building underground
  4. Build underground power lines
  5. Pres page-up for building back above ground

Which buttons should I use?

As you know from building roads you use page up and page down buttons. But this isn’t all you should setup “step” of each page up or page down when you click on this icons.

This button changes elevation of each step
When you press page down button then you build power lines underground
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Last edit: 28/10/2023
Article is actual with curent version of Cities Skylines 2 (1.0.11)
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