More information about Victoria 3

Victoria 3 was released on 25 October 2023 and it’s the sequel to Victoria II, which came out in 2010. But this isn’t story sequel new Victoria III have more complex and more depth game features than previous game. The time period in which the game takes place is the same. If you are looking for an economic challenge this strategy game is for you.

Who writes on StrateGGames about Victoria 3?

Main autor for this topic is Martin which watching how this game was made since start. He reads developer diaries, watching official YouTube videos and is in depth of economy principles which he should use in this game.

How Martin plays Victoria 3?

Martin says: My strategy for Victoria 3 is quite simple. For the first I’m focusing on resources/goods/market. I’m working to boost production and GDP to stabilize goods that are too expensive. When I’m sure the economy won’t collapse, so I start with the classic strategy of gradual expansion. I’m focusing on colonization in Africa and the gradual annexation of neighbour states. Best economy wins!