More information about Hearts of Iron IV

HOI4 was released on 6 July 2016 and it’s the sequel to Hearts of Iron III, which came out in 2009. But this isn’t story sequel as you know from other type of games. HOI4 have more complex and more deeper game features than previous version. The time period in which the game takes place is the same. If you are looking for an economic/tactical challenge this strategy game is for you.

Who writes on StrateGGames about HOI4?

Main autor for this topic is Martin which play this game since 2020. He reads developer diaries, watching official YouTube videos.

How Martin plays Hearts of Iron IV?

Martin says: My strategy for HOI4 is simple like in other games. I’m focusing on factories on start – every mine country has a lot of civilian/military factories. After strong basement I’m developing divisions. I play with cavalry divisions because they are cheap and with strong air wings. This is a good base for the rapid development and prevention of neighboring countries. Gradually add tanks and heavier equipment and the result is total domination.