Games like OpenTTD

OpenTTD was published in 2004 since years we got a lot of new updates (the latest was in 04/2022) but are there any similar games like OpenTTD which try and whi...

More information about OpenTTD

OpenTTD was released on 14 March 2004 and is the open-source successor to Transport Tycoon Deluxe. The OpenTTD is still in game development and we still get updates which fix current bugs.

Who writes on StrateGGames about OpenTTD?

Main autor of this topic is Martin which still sometimes plays this game. His current gameplay are multiplayer causal sessions with friends from work at long winter nights. In these sessions he could try new techniques and tips which he shares with StrateGGames readers.

How Martin plays OpenTTD?

Martin says: My classic strategy in multiplayer games which I play is start with coal lines. Since start I’m focusing these coal lines trains from mines to power plants. When I have sufficient money income I’m scaling these lines to two direction railroad. Once I finish this line I move on to the next and the next and that’s long enough to be the best. I’m gradually building a late-game background in which I focus on transporting people.