Fixing not enough customers in Cities Skylines 2

Not enough customers problem is BACK! Yaah! In Cities Skylines 2 we are facing same problems as we have in previous version and that some of our commercial zones doesn’t have enough customers. So let’s look how I fixing this problem and what else should helps you to fix it.

How I personally fixing not enough customers?

First of all I look on zones and details of them. If you click on commercial zones then you should enable layer with “customer demand” and you see where are your customers. So near that zones you must build commercial zones because there are people. Isn’t well approach and you will see that to building commercial zones around of both side of big roads which you have in your city.

Problems in my first city (central roads with commercial zones doesnt have customers)

You need to build commercial zones more distributed in your city so make less smaller places in your suburbs make paths to connect roads, build around them trees and make more realistic towns. There will probably always be demand for commercial zones, but you avoid having zones that don’t have enough customers.

This is how look my commercial zones which doesn’t have problem with not enough customers

I’ve tried to build bus lines from my suburbs to my center where are my commercial zones and this doesn’t help me much. If you build a lot of zones on one place then they won’t have demand and they will scream that they have not enough customers.

Recap of my steps here:

  • Check where are demand for commercial zones
  • Remove zones from places where isn’t demand for them
  • Build zones where is demand for commerical
  • Build more realistic and nature cities where commercial is in center
  • Build mixed-use zones in the city centre
  • Always you should change “high density” to “low density” buildings

Another proven solutions

Improve accessibility

In Cities Skylines 2, enhancing accessibility is vital for the prosperity of your commercial zones. To achieve this, focus on two key strategies: building a well-connected road network and implementing a reliable public transportation system. By creating multiple entrances and exits to the area, you can prevent traffic congestion and ensure easy access for customers. Additionally, consider incorporating buses, trams, or subways into your city’s infrastructure and placing stops and stations near residential areas and commercial zones to encourage the use of public transport.

Another crucial aspect of improving accessibility is constructing pedestrian paths and walkways that connect residential areas to commercial zones. By providing safe and convenient routes for pedestrians, you can make it easier for people to walk to the shops and reduce reliance on cars. Lastly, ensure ample parking spaces near commercial zones to accommodate the increasing number of cars as your city grows.

Focus on spaces where you place zone

This can be done by utilizing the zoning tool and observing the ground color in the desired areas for commercial purposes. Green areas indicate suitable locations with a large customer base and advantageous factors for businesses. Zoning in these areas will likely result in successful commercial zones with a high number of potential customers.

Where is demand for commercial zones

Conversely, blank areas should be avoided as they may have low customer numbers or other unfavorable factors. Zoning in blank areas may lead to the issue of insufficient customers, causing the commercial zone to struggle in attracting enough customers to sustain its operations.

Lowering commercial taxes

Lowering commercial taxes in Cities Skylines 2 is a strategic move that can enhance the growth and appeal of your city. This can be achieved by reducing the taxes imposed on commercial zones, creating a more favorable environment for businesses to thrive and expand.

By implementing this approach, businesses can experience increased profitability and growth in the commercial sector. There are two ways to lower commercial taxes: targeting specific product categories or reducing overall commercial taxes. But both mean lower income for your town so be aware doing this.

Balanced zones

Maintaining a balanced zoning strategy is crucial in Cities Skylines 2, especially for commercial areas. Overzoning can lead to struggling businesses and a lack of customers. To avoid this, it is recommended to zone smaller sections of land at a time.

Focus on “customers” in commercial overview

This allows for close monitoring of community growth and informed decisions about the placement of roads, homes, and stores. By zoning smaller parcels, you can ensure a healthy balance between residential and commercial areas, attracting customers to your commercial zones.

Potential problems with game?

Because Cities Skylines 2 was released in last week then is important to remember that there should be bugs. And some version should have them on Official Forums are bug reports where you should see some bug related to commercial zones. If nothing what I mention above doesn’t helps you then look on bug reports.

How to solve when mi city has really big problems?

I doesn’t include this to another parts but if your city have big problems with not enough customers then you should remove your commercial zones and place them again and a little better. Build sidewalks to them, make parking lots and bus stops in the area, and distribute them to more places so they are closer to people. That’s the main thing you can do.

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