How to build curved roads in Cities Skylines 2?

Building curved road is easy in new Cities Skylines 2. In game tools are builded tool “simple curve road” which you should use to make great looking curved roads. Bad information is that zones aren’t fit well to curves (I’d like the developers to work on it) but back to curves in CS2 there is quick guide how to make curved roads.

Step by step guide how to make curved roads in CS2

  1. Open road building tool
  2. Select “simple curve” mode
  3. First left-click on start of curve
  4. Second left-click to middle / center of curve
  5. Last left-click to finish road

On smaller number you see statistics for your new curved road. If you need to make a sharp start to 90° so you need to have both sides the same length and see an angle of just 90°. Otherwise the turn will work but it will not be completely “clean”. You must look for…

How look building curved roads

… these smaller numbers. When orange arrows shows “length” of both parts of curved road and red arrow shows “angle” of your curved road.

How looks details of curve when you build them in Cities Skylines 2

How I build curved roads in detail you should see in my video from our YouTube channel StrateGGames where you should see how I live building curves in my city.

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