How get more tiles in Cities Skylines 2?

Because map tiles in CS2 are smaller then tiles which was in Cities Skylines 1 then is crucial unlock more tiles, buy them and expand your city. In Cities Skylines 2 you should only get more tiles by…

reaching milestones when you get enough XPs. But milestones aren’t thing which allows you to get new map tiles the main thing which you must follow are extension permits which you get with each milestones…

Milestone 4 reached and I get 6 permits

… bellow you should see icon which is on left on main menu in Cities Skylines 2 next to development points and for me currently shows that I should buy 11 more map tiles.

And if you click on that icon then you should click or shift + click on multiple map tiles to purchase them. Bellow you should see stats of tiles which you selected so you

How look buying tiles in CS2

How earn XP faster?

To earn XP faster in Cities: Skylines 2, focus on increasing your city’s population to unlock milestones and earn XP more quickly. Provide enough residential areas and services to attract more citizens. Additionally, placing buildings and roads strategically will contribute to your progression and earn you XP.

XP you will get when you play

Meeting the needs of your citizens, such as providing adequate services and fulfilling tasks and challenges, will increase their happiness and contribute to XP progression. Utilize the progression trees to purchase city services and upgrades that can boost your city’s efficiency and increase XP gains.

Look on happiness info panel to get know what to improve

Remember to be patient and continue developing your city for steady progress in earning XP. You can’t skip this by doing some “quick ways” just enjoy game and more milestones you will get by time.

Planing is key to success

When managing and connecting unlocked tiles, it is important to plan the city layout, connect the new tiles to existing infrastructure, utilize outside connections, balance zoning and services, consider resource availability, optimize transportation networks, and maintain a balanced budget. So remember to plan before you buy. After you purchase the tile then you can’t return this purchase…

Impact of tiles on industry

Having more tiles in Cities Skylines 2 can have a significant impact on the city’s industry and economy. With more space, you can expand your industrial zones and accommodate more businesses, leading to increased production and potential profit.

However, it is important to manage resources effectively and consider exports to maintain a balanced economy. By optimizing profit margins, workforce education levels, and resource availability, you can maximize the success of your industry and boost your city’s economy. So before purchase look on natural resources tab and plan which map tile is best for you.

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How to get more map tiles in Cities Skylines 2?

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