How to build roundabout in Cities Skylines 2?

In first article in our series road optimization in Cities Skylines 2 we will look on roundabouts. Their have builded in tool. So working with them is really easy. Let’s take a look at it right now.

Building roundabout step by step

To build roundabout you will be significantly more pleased than when playing CS1. Roundabouts have builded tool along with the other tools and is open from the start! 🥰 There are four types of roundabouts which differ based on how big the roundabouts are.

Where to find roundabout builder

If you select roundabout by size then you should just hover on intersection and you will see something like this. Roundabouts destroy one square from the zones. That’s a bit of a shame, I’d like to see how the buildings adapt to that. But it works much better than in CS1.

Build roundabout is just about click on road crossing

So after clicking you have builded roundabout in CS2. I like that it’s implemented and I don’t have to use a mod. At first glance everything looks functional and for optimizing intersections where I would have to have traffic lights otherwise, this is a really cool way to go.

How to build bigger roundabouts?

If you want to build bigger roundabouts then you need open progression tab (next to your milestone). In image bellow you should see that I’m in first milestone Tiny Village and I have one development point…

Where to click to open progression tab

… after that you need to go to road tab in which you should see “roundabouts” as one of options. But you doesn’t need to build this upgrade first. For me looks like better choice to build advanced road services to get more road tools. If you have small town then you should live with small roundabouts for some time.

Where open bigger roundabouts

Is possible to build road ending with roundabout?

Yes you should build great road ending with roundabout tool. But you can’t build building around them. I’m hoping it will work around the biggest one, although I haven’t tried it yet. (to get feel of GTA SA – og players know)

Build roundabout as road ending
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