Cancel trade route in Victoria 3

Cancel unproductive trade route is one of most common notification which you get. In today article we will look how you could cancel your or others trade routes in Victoria 3. And also I response question when is good to cancel unproductive trade routes and when not.

How to cancel your trade routes?

To cancel your trade routes you must open Market after that you must click to tab Trade routes and there you could find all your routes. Every route which has cross you could cancel from your initiative. Also you could order routes by revenue and intentionally deal with the ones that don’t make you money.

Where you could find cross to cancel trade route.

How to cancel others trade routes?

You cannot cancel other trade routes but you could increase tariffs on export from your country and this could increase price for this route and after that this route become more inefficient for others and they may cancel the trade route themselves.

Where you could find settings of tariffs.

I’m using these extended tariffs setting on important goods for me like coal, iron, tools, paper or also on all military goods. I don’t want that other gets these goods which are important for me.

Note: If you have free trade law (as I have above) then you can’t change this tariffs. So is good to checks tariffs laws before you start solving problems because if you have this law which certainly brings benefits, you can’t change that and you have to go the other way.

If still someone try to trade goods from my country and I don’t want cooperate with them I’m choosing embargo in diplomatic plays.

Is good to cancel unproductive trade route?

A lot of time you could see warning that you could cancel unproductive trade routes is good question and depends on your situation.

Unproductive trade roads alerts.

There are also two question which are how much are you loosing with this trade route? Because depends on how much you loosing. But other more important question is how important is that route for your economy?

You could have unproductive trade route on tariffs but this route lover prices in your country and your country economic works better. So when I’m open any route I don’t cancel it as soon as I get the information that I’m losing money on her. I’m canceling unproductive roads when I have enough my own goods production and I’m know that this route significantly reduces the prices.

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