City of Gangsters is free at Epic Games Store

Another of mine “fast news” when StrateGGames isn’t first but we have more information. So for the start the strategy game City of Gangsters is until 9.2.2022 at 17:00 free on Epic Games Store. This is turn-based strategy game which you will like if you love gangsters time and we will look inside this game…

… for the first this game is available only on Windows. But if you have GeForce Now then you could play this game there. So you could play even you have MacBook or Linux.

Is City of Gangsters worth?

After some hours of playing. I must say that if you are fans of turn-based games and you like gangsters around 1920 then this game could entertain you. In game is easy tutorial which shows you all mechanics and leads you in your first game…

… so you will get all important information how to start to produce beer and other prohibited products that you must then sell. Gradually you expand your neighborhood, you can get a payoff and also others try to outsmart you…

… I believe that late-game will be more engaging than first hours where isn’t too much to do. But this isn’t problem. You must explore city (which was created procedurally) and you slowly grows. You must be friend with the people you want to sell alcohol with, but on the other hand, you have to be prepared to ask for a payoff.

How to get City of Gangsters free?

For the first you must have Epic Game account. After that you must logged to your account on computer application and on store homepage you could see “advert” for free games where is one of them City of Gangsters.

Where to click if you want City of Gangsters
(big button “get”)
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