R&D lab in Game Dev Tycoon

Research and development is the part of business that leads to improvements in existing practices and processes in companies. In Game Dev Tycoon, this lab will open up new and big projects that will take your game studio another big leap forward.

How can i get R&D lab in Game Dev Tycoon?

In order to open an R&D lab and explore advanced research you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You must be on the last level of the offices.
  • You must have at least 10M in your account
  • You must have a staff with a design level of 700
  • You must run the Design Specialist training for this employee

Once you meet the following criteria the R&D lab should pop up and if you set the “budget” slider on the bottom right you can start exploring the different technologies I describe below.

Researches in R&D lab in Game Dev Tycoon

Custom Hardware – you must develop an AAA game at the moment and have opened a tech lab. This research will cost you 500 points and it will generate hype.

Marketing Campaign – you must develop an AAA game at the moment and after spending 500 points it will generate hype as a normal marketing campaign.

Internet Opportunites – this research cost 500 points and it opens new research called Codename: Grid and MMO (more information bellow).

Hardware Lab – this research cost 800 points, you must have a technology expert and after successful research, you could build a hardware lab and develop your consoles.

MMO – this research cost 800 points and allows researching of MMO Support, allowing games to be MMOs that will have the longer-term cash flow to you.

Codename: Grid – this research cost 800 points and it will generate some money for you (around 200 000 monthly) but the better thing is that the market share of PC will increases.

Own Convention – this research cost 500 points and on the next day of G3, hold your convention instead. Generates more hype than G3. This could be good to generate hype for your best games in the year.

AAA Games – to make this research you will need to make the large game with an average 9,25 score from reviewers.

3D Graphics V6 and 3D Graphics V7 will grand you this latests updates of 3D Graphics.

How does custom hardware works in Game Dev Tycoon?

I’ve noticed that many people on the internet confuse “custom platforms” and “custom hardware”. That’s why I decided to expand the article on this issue. In case you try “hardware lab” you can create your own game console (platform), but in case you develop a AAA game you can start a “special project” in which you can make custom hardware (peripherals) and increase the hype of your upcoming game.

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