How play strategy games if you haven’t a good PC?

The good question specifically is if don’t want to upgrade or buy a new PC. The first tip is that you could play old strategy games like OpenTTD or Roller Coaster Tycoon but if you wish to play new games there is a way to use cloud gaming.

There are two ways the first one could be to rent AWS with graphics, windows and install all which you need for gaming but this way could be expensive. The other way is cloud streaming and this platform I want to show you today.

NVIDIA GeForce Now

This is a way to play games online on a bad PC. You pay just ~10$ per month. And you must own games at your Steam or Epic Games account and GeForce Now must support them. So you can’t play every game but they added games every month.

You could download their app or you could play it in the browser. That makes sense to me. You could see that they support games like Hearts of Iron 4, Crusader Kings III, or Steal Division which are my last played games.

NVIDIA GeForce Now in Browser (in Czech)

When you want to play a game in GeForce Now you just need stable and fast internet. Then you could play everything. When you want to share your shares from a session you must save them to the cloud. Or they will disappear after some days.

You could use GeForce Now without paying in “trial mode” in which you could play for just 60 minutes and you must wait in line after other players.

✅  I could recommend GeForce Now  ✅

Google Stadia

The second choice for cloud gaming is Google Stadia. The concept of cloud gaming from Google is different from GeForce Now. There is a limited list of games which you could play (now approx. 50) for me isn’t a good choice because there is only Cities Skylines.

You can’t download an app like GeForce Now you play in the browser.

You could test if Google Stadia is worth it for you with trials there are a lot of games from 30 to 60 minutes to play. Google Stadia looks more for “causal” players when you choose one game.

❔  You could test it but GeForce Now is better for me  ❔

Play on consoles?

The last part is console gaming. I can’t recommend playing on a console because you are very limited with buttons and trackpads. I think that you will need a mouse and keyboard to see all details. So I don’t buy strategy games on my PS4 the previous tips were betters.

❌ I don’t recommend playing strategy games on a console ❌

It’s better cloud gaming or gaming with pc?

For me, It’s an easy deal. Now I have MacBook so I could play games that are on Mac. If I will buy a gaming PC it will cost $2 600 and yes it will be good for now. But I must this PC upgrade every 3 or 4 years. But GeForce Now cost me just $15 so.

2600/15 = 173 months => 14 years if I pay for cloud gaming. No, when I have a notebook and stable internet is eazy for me is cloud gaming better choise than build a gaming PC.

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