Is Cities Skylines easy to learn?

In my perspective yes, Cities Skylines is easy to learn. For the beginner which doesn’t have experience with this type of game (city builder strategy) could be challenging, but if you follow the tips in this article I could say that you will have your way to learning Cities Skylines much easier than others.

What to do first in game?

When you want to learn to play Cities Skylines you must know what to do. Starts are easy I’ve written an article about what to do in Cities Skylines first. When you build a city you need:

  1. Plan what to build and where
  2. Build critical infrastructure (water, electricity)
  3. Build first roads
  4. Build first zones for citizens (residential and commercial)
  5. Build industrial zones
  6. … follow this tutorial

Set achievable goal

There aren’t any goals that say “now you are done”. Your city will grow to infinity because Cities Skylines is a sandbox game so you must set an achievable goal for yourself. There are some goals for beginners:

  • create city which has a positive budget
  • create city with 10 000 citizens
  • create city where no one won’t have problems
  • create city which hasn’t problems with traffic

These goals are good for beginners in my opinion. If you search for a more advanced goals I wrote an article about it.

If you prefer YouTube…

… there are some videos which I like and from which I was studying when I need some basics:

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