Is Heart of Iron 4 hard?

If you don’t have experience with Paradox Interactive games, HOI4 can eventually become a hard game. But if you have time and patience, I think you can learn to play the game, even though it may seem a bit complicated at first.

How much time does it take to learn HOI4?

For me, It was 15 hours of learning. I recommend using some tutorials which show you what to do first in HOI4 or you can watch YouTube creators and how they play for some countries. There you can learn how to play, how to build factories, how to create a large army, attack and much more.

How to play HOI4 as a beginner?

HOI4 can be played in two ways. One is the “historical” where you try to reproduce historical events. There, for beginners, I recommend playing with Germany because you only have one country and you are trying to expand.

Or you can play the “alternative” way, however, this is for more experienced players as you have to set your own goals, which may not be easy for new players.

What is the age rating of HOI4?

Hearts of Iron 4 have PEGI 7 rating. This means that the game is recommended for children from the age of seven. However, on the web, you may have seen parents’ reviews suggesting that the best age to start playing is 10 – 13 years.

Is HOI4 kid friendly?

I don’t think that Hearts of Iron 4 is a good choice for your kids to start with this genre. But if your kids play other basic strategy games like OpenTTD or RollerCoaster Tycoon and are looking for new challenges, I think HOI4 might be interesting for them.

Is HOI4 violent?

This depends on how you define violence. HOI4 it’s about World War II, so you are fighting your country against other countries. There are some real events implied in the game, but realistically you don’t actually kill, maim or bleed anyone. So I’d say it’s not an outright violent game.

How to become a good player in HOI4?

If you want to be good at HOI4, you must play, play and play. You can follow some Youtubers who create content that shows you how to play basic nations. When I started with HOI4, I tried to play Poland and tried to survive the attack. I never succeeded, but it was an interesting strategy.

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