Manor Lords – first preview

After Farthest Frontier, we have another building game where it’s also about survival and that is Manor Lords. This game is set in a later time (the Middle Ages) and already by the first shots and a moment of playing it will absolutely enchant you with its “realism”.

Right off the bat, this game is an indie strategy game, something you don’t often see and I think it’s well on its way to becoming a hit and another game that will go down as the definition of the city builders game genre. If you watch the trailer or gameplay (I’ll give them below) you can’t be anything but impressed as the level of detail is incredible.

There will be interest in the game just because there are over 74,000 users on their official Discord server and over 17,500 players have signed up for the current alpha version, according to statistics. During the “fee week” from 4.10. to 11.10. the game was available in demo and a maximum of 13 000 players played it with the average being near 9 000.

Too bad I couldn’t be there and have more content for you, but the game is now only available on Windows and unfortunately not available on other platforms (I play on MacBook). Question how it will be after the release date, but I believe it might make it to GeForce Now.

What will be the main advantages of this game – why play it?

  • Continuous construction and development of the city.
  • You can observe everything in close details.
  • The game has incredibly beautiful animations of practically everything.
  • Alternating periods in which you have to meet the requirements.
  • Continuously you will expand power and there will be politics in the game.
  • Interesting looking war system.

So now it’s up to you to soak up the atmosphere of this game below for you I have 2 videos in which you can see the gameplay and also the trailer. If you want some more content I recommend you to check out YouTube – there are many videos and series from the aforementioned week when Manor Lords was online.

For this article, we used content published in the IGDB presskit. As soon as the game is available to us we will update it.

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