Our focus in 1/2023

Welcome in new year 2023. After some months of silence. I’ve decided to revisit this project. I’ve been sick a lot now, and I’m having a season at work in the second half of the year, so there hasn’t been time for me to fully enjoy strategy games.

Today I would like to start the new year with a tradition that I would like to repeat every month, and that is to write a “project status” myself and introduce to our readers what will be waiting for you this month.

Strategy Games Database

On Steam you could find 10 013 strategy games (1.1.2023) there are lot of games which are played by a lot of people like Cities Skylines, Rimworld, Hearts of Iron IV but which games are just Tycoons where you build media empire or in which games you could build airport?

This and much more things we want to discover and order for you in our new Strategy Games Database which will be created in January 2023. We don’t want just make list of games. We will look much more deeper to Strategy Games Genres and Topics.

Probably we will be able to show you which strategy games are in sales, which are available on GeForce now and which will be published but they aren’t available now. We will have analysis which genres and topics are rising and where won’t new games in last 3 years.

Strategy Games Studios

Another great idea which we have is map Strategy Games Developers and Studios. So after database of games we will create profiles with main solo-developers and studios. We want to show you their top brands, on which games they are working. This we will cover in our special articles about them.

If you know some indie game developers which work ins small team and solo. Let us know at e-mail team (at) strateggames (dot) com and we don’t miss them in our lists.

Gifts for players

The last one big block will be topic about gifts for gamers/players for birthday to make you happy and to show you tips what you could buy for your gaming space. In strategy games aren’t enough tips. So we must look at this topic.


This plans are ambitious I know but what will the world be like if we don’t be brave and try new things?

This articles will be good for our competitors.

But for me today’s article have purpose to set commitment for you and for myself for working on this website.

I hope that my plans for this month are interesting for you and you’ll find your way to this site in January and we’ll meet together for another article in early February.

I’m Martin and this is StrateGGames.com your homepage if you like strategy games.

And at the end I’ve search for another strategy games redactor

I'm Martin, the main creator of this site. I love city builders, transport, and war strategy games. So I create this site to share my love with others! Let's make Tycoon games great again!