Pirate mod in Game Dev Tycoon

If you decide to start a new game in Game Dev Tycoon and press the wheel when you start your company, you can also set if pirate mod will be on or off. This game mode wasn’t special mod and in the past it was protection for copying…

… because Game Dev Tycoon was its much shared on the Torrents/Warez scene. What happens in this mode is that it turns off the “ideal world” in which virtual players don’t pirate and your game studio will just face piracy.

So you will experience exactly what the developers of Game Dev Tyccon experienced when their game was successful and mostly spread through alternative routes (unfortunately).

Where to set Pirate Mode in Game Dev Tycoon

So if you choose pirate mode, the game will be significantly more complicated and it is possible that after the release of the game instead of getting money, so you will go bankrupt because there will not be enough people to buy your game.

Fortunately, you will be able to try “copy protection”, but using it may annoy your fans who will then write you angry emails. Incidentally, this is what happens today when a developer uses more invasive copy protection.

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