Successful naval invasion in Hearts of Iron IV

After the article on how to make a parachute in Hearts of Iron IV, we’ll take a look at how to make a sea invasion. This can be a good way to support an invasion using paratroopers, or it can be a good way to attack the rear of the enemy where it won’t wait.

Preparing for the invasion – what to do?

A naval invasion is as complex as anything involving ships. So it’s a good idea to start preparing as soon as possible. I myself mostly play naval invasions for Germany with whom I need to tackle England after eliminating France. Interestingly, Germany is not a naval power and yet thanks to the naval invasion I still capture Britain.

For a successful invasion, you need to have…

  • convoys
  • air supremacy => lots of planes
  • naval supremacy => lots of ships
  • experienced troops
  • air support

… let’s see how to prepare for an invasion in each direction.

Control of the sea

An essential part of a successful naval invasion is control of the sea. I always try to have as many submarines as possible because I find the price/performance ratio the best. So I try to build a few ports, make as many submarines as possible, and then send them out for training.

In addition, you need to have enough convoys available to transport your units. And in case you succeed, convoys can be a quick way to make puppets an annexed territory.

Controlling the air

The next part is controlling the air. Having a lot of heavy fighters works really well for me, and the reason is that they have a long-range and I can have enough support for my ships and naval invasion with them. People also often use bombers or naval bombers which serve as excellent support.

The other part besides controlling the strike force is having enough transport aircraft. These can either be used to support airdrops or you can use them to supply your troops, which if you have air superiority will be a good way to support your troops.

Experienced units

The last part is the need for experienced units. If you have not tried any more research so you can send to the invasion only 10 divisions. So make sure your units are well trained and have a good general.

Planning the invasion

Planning the invasion itself is already simple. You need to prepare your divisions for the port I recommend having one general ready and 10 divisions under him. And then prepare a second general and 24 divisions. First we will make the landing with 10 and once we take the port and secure the road we will send support of other divisions to make the advance on the enemy territory faster. The following icon is used to plan the invasion…

Icon of naval invasion

… and to do it click on the port from where you want to launch the invasion and set where the invasion should go. I recommend that you choose a port city that is further away from the center in case you want to invade a developed country like Britain >> you will take more Victory Points on the way to the capital. In case we are talking about an undeveloped country so you can attack the capital straight away.

Preparation for landing

If you have everything ready so begins the time for which it is planned and you have to prepare the rest of the work. First (before you send the ships) you will need to gain air supremacy thus eliminating any problems at sea. So move the planes and control all the places where you will secure the convoys and also secure the land you will expand to – it will land your troops there faster. Be sure to use the correct option which is “support naval invasion”

All along I thought it made a different choice however this has more focus on the subject matter. Then you need to watch the indicator of how much dominance you have over the sea. Once you have a sufficient level you will have the power to click the button to launch an invasion.

Landing on foreign soil is just the beginning

If you have everything enough so I think that you should successfully attack the foreign territory to occupy it. But it only starts now you have to control the port and gradually attack more and more cities in the territory. Immediately after landing, launch an air supply to make sure your troops have enough and send the other 24 divisions that are waiting in the harbor. And at the very least, taking the UK should be a piece of cake.

You may need a bit of micro management to control everything, but I believe you can do it. If you can’t do it, send them to the back of the paratroopers and don’t worry, you can do it.

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