Work camps in Farthest Frontier

One of advanced buildings in Farthest Frotnier are work camps. This camps could helps you with wood and stone. In work camps could work people which will cut trees in forest or mine stone if you need it.

Usually you could get wood when you expanding with your city and some trees get in your way. But when you don’t building / expanding in forests then you don’t have logging. But you will need wood, for example, for firewood or for the construction of walls and other buildings.

So when I’m in second level of mine town hall then I’m go find forest which isn’t near city. And I’m building here work camp. After building this camp you could setup “range” of building where could operate so you could build work camp at the edge of the forest and after that you could setup range to forest…

How look work camps

… on image above you could see how works mine work camp. I’m builded it on edge of forest and after some time they “cut” all trees which was nearby to main building.

Settings of work camp

You could setup this building with sliders which determine the ratio between when to mine trees and when to mine stone. If you only want to harvest logs, move the slider all the way to the left and only trees will be harvested. If you need a stone so play with the slider to get the expected result.

Another setting you can do is the “mature trees only” setting which results in only mature trees being cut down. Which leads to more wood, but on the other hand you may have the problem of waiting for some time for the trees to grow. So this needs to be optimized from time to time.

Combination work camp and temporary shelter

Is good to combine temporary shelter with work camp. But you will need wagon shop to for efficient supply. The question is whether to build a watchtower on the site. If you were under attack by wild animals or raiders. Then it might be a good place to start defending yourself. Better than getting everyone killed before your troops get there.

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