Adding war goals in Victoria 3

If you are starting war in Victoria 3 or someone’s trying to target you. And you know you’re not going to give up, you activated your conscription centers and your army ready. Then is question how to increase war goals to get more. And I have responses for you!

How and where adds war goals

Adding war goals is simple you need to open “diplomatic play” tab and watch how much maneuvers you have. This maneuvers are important for you because they show your diplomatic power. With this diplomatic power you should add war goals or sway other countries. Let’s take look more on goals…

Diplomatic maneuvers

… to add more war goals you need to click on button “Add War Goal” on same column on which are maneuvers and after that you could select which goal to use. And now depends on your needs.

War goals types and which use?

War Reparations is questionable when/why is good. You will get money (10% of tax income in 5 years after war) but after you totally overrun them in a war will there be money? Could be good if you are smaller state and defend yourself against a stronger state.

Conquer States is mine personally preferred. Is easy you will get the state so you will get more people, building but they are more radicalized. This war goals adds infamy for your country but is less than puppet or dominion.

Puppet and Dominion are war goals which depends on your situation. Dominion has own diplomacy plays and they have trend to have rebellion if your prestige and rank goes down. On other side is Puppet from which you get more resources and their are more depend on you. Both war goals added more infamy than other war goals so you’ll have to be more careful.

Adding war goals

Adding war goal as third party

Now you cannot add war goal as third party in diplomatic play which isn’t your. But other countries could “sway” you and offer some profits for you. I’ve got some obligation which could be used but there are more sway possibilities. The developers promise that this option will be added in the future.

Sway in war goals
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