More maneuvers in wars in Victoria 3

If you focus on wars in Victoria 3 then you know that is important to correctly chose war goals. Today I will show you how to add more maneuvers which determines how much goals you should adds.

Country ranks

One of most important source is rank of your country which is determined by prestige. If you have strong army and economy then your country rank will be higher because prestige grows when you have more army and if you are one of top producers on word in specific good.

Country RankManeuvers
Great Power100
Major Power75
Minor Power60
Insignificant Power50
Unrecognized Major Power75
Unrecognized Regional Power60
Unrecognized Power50
Decentralized Power30
Maneuvers by country ranks in Victoria 3

If you want have significant advantage then you could chose opponent country which will have less rank than you. More maneuvers could helps to take more parts of other country or sway more countries.

Personality traits

If you have Ruler which has trait Reckless then you get +20 maneuvers but there is also problematic part with +20% infamy generation so you will have problems with other countries faster. More maneuvers are good but more infamy bad fir your diplomacy so be avare of this trait.

Reckless trait


And at the last there is research in society in era 4 (so it’s a lot advanced) which is called Multilateral Alliances and you will get +25 maneuvers and you could also build multiple alliances. This could be great for late game experience to get advantage over others. But it’s gonna take you a while to try it out.

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