All developer streams of Victoria III

We have a list of all the developer streams of how the developers are playing the new Victoria III. It’s safe to say that this content is a bit different than watching a player who doesn’t know the game that well but it can show us a lot of interesting things. That’s why I decided to make a list and possibly highlight some interesting points from each stream.

Developers from Paradox Interactive play Victoria III as Prusia:

In this stream we can see how Prussia can be united into one big country very easily. How to build a proper empire with infrastructure – and trains!

Developers from Paradox Interactive play Victoria III as Egypt:

In this developer stream you can see how to prepare and how the war goes on.

Developers from Paradox Interactive play Victoria III as Japan:

In this stream, the developers show us how difficult it is to play as Japan, which is on its own from the start and has no access to foreign resources.

First developers stream from Victoria III showing us the game:

When will be the first player live-streams?

For now, we can only speculate. It’s possible that more content will start appearing as early as 7 days before launch. So around 18.10.2022 but we can expect that there will still be an embargo on what can be published and what not. Usually, content starts to be published the day before release, so we should see the game being played by the players themselves on 24.10.2022 at the latest.

Where to watch developer streams?

If you want to watch the developers play the new Victoria III, I recommend that you follow their YouTube channel or According to the schedule posted on Twitch, we can expect the developers to be back playing the game on October 24, 2022.

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