Most powerful countries in Victoria III

If we talk about Victoria III whose story takes place in the years 1836 to 1936. So the question is which countries will be the strongest at this time and which ones are worth playing? Below are a few picks for countries that I think will be strong or at least have the potential to become strong and it’s up to us (players) how we play for them.

United Kingdom

The UK has always historically been the country that has held probably the most foreign territories places like Australia, India, or parts of Africa will be a big help that this country will have. It will be in one of the best positions at the start of the game to the point where you could say that if you play as the United Kingdom you have already won.

The UK is where the industrial revolution started and will therefore be the most advanced country and probably the most powerful country from the start and other countries will have to work hard to catch up and overtake it.

United States of America

A country that has potential if you manage to work with the economy so you will be able to stand at the beginning of one of the current powers. You can expect to face the development of Mexico, which at the beginning owns more provinces in the north and you will also probably experience a civil war.

The advantage is that it will be perhaps individual conflicts that you will have to solve and the rest of the time we will be able to devote ourselves just to the continent of America or to the already mentioned development of the economy. This state will be interesting in the late-game stages.


Another country that has a good predisposition to become one of the strongest will be Qing from which China will probably develop during the game. According to some examples we can find out that already in the times of Victorian England there will be a lot of population available and if you as a player can manage mechanization and catch up with Europe and work well with the economy so Qing will be another of the strong countries.


There is no doubt about Prussia, the future Germany that will be built during the game, as one of the countries that could be classified as strong or countries that have a lot of potential. This state was practically behind both world wars towards which this game is heading. And who knows how the world would have turned out if Germany had won the first world war.

Screenshot from last developer streams about Prussia [YouTube]

At the start of the game it will be in a good position as Britain at least in terms of industrial maturity. Unfortunately you don’t have as many colonies and Germany has yet to come together in its entirety. Therefore I think the player will have to do a lot of work here, not to mention that there are other powerful empires around him like Russia, Austria or the Ottoman empire.

But again, this is where history will be made. We can expect that the game for Prussia from the Central European perspective has potential and will be very interesting. And if you play it well I believe it will be one of the countries that will dominate the game.


I think Japan also has the potential to become a giant power. At least according to one of the developer streams where Japan is all alone at the start and has to work its way up, it has a lot of potential in the hands of the players.

By putting up a good economy, one will then be well prepared for expansion, and that is what it will probably be about at the time. At least in WWII Japan was one of the aggressive countries and since the story ends in 1936 there is room to get into a better position before WWII.

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