Cheats in Cities Skylines

Cheats in Cities Skylines aren’t openable in-game. You must go to the main menu and use the screen with the content manager. In the lines above I will show you how you could use cheats in Cities Skylines!

Content Manager

First, you must open Content Manager in the Main Menu of the game:

In this menu you could maintain content that is in game one of the screens is called “mods”. In this screen are some embedded mods which we could call cheats.

Inside of every game are these cheats:

  • unlimited money => you will have money
  • unlimited oil and ore => you can build oil and ore industry everywhere
  • unlimited soil => you can do everything with landscape tools
  • unlock all => you will have everything opened when starting

But before start playing with cheats I must say that when you play with cheats the game will be different. It could be less challenging so choose your goal well and what you expect from it. I don’t play with cheats.

Cheats at Steam Workshop

As I said there aren’t cheats, there are “mods”. So there is one of my favorite mods which could be called cheats but I think you want to know about them:

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