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This article is one of the main where you could find responses to your question from Cities Skylines. Today I will respond to questions about power in CS.

Power tips for beginning

At the beginning of the new city, you could have just one wind turbine. When you need more power you could build more turbines. But when you have the money you want to build coal or oil plant. They generated more power for you.

In the beginning, you should use “budget sliders” and set 65% on electricity. You will get less power but you will have less upkeep. When you are in problems and you haven’t enough money to build a new power source you could go with a “budget slider” to 120% more aren’t efficient.

When you could you want to build solar plants or dams because these sources are green and don’t generate pollution. Less pollution on the map => bigger place to expand with the city.

How do I get power in Cities Skylines?

If you want power in Cities Skylines you must build some power sources. In Cities Skylines are these three power sources:

  • Power plants this is the main source of your energy.
  • A hydro dam (with turbines) is good for creating energy if you have money
  • Garbage Disposal could help you with garbage.

In the early game, you build just “wind turbines” because they are cheap. When you play more time you could calculate with other power sources.

Optimization could help you with these two tables: cost of building MW by power source and cost of upkeep MW by the power source.

Cost of building MW by power source

BuildingMWCost(₡)Cost of MW (₡/MW)
Fusion Power Plant16 0001 000 00063
Nuclear Power Plant640200 000313
Solar Updraft Tower24090 000375
Oil Power Plant12050 000417
Coal Power Plant4019 000475
Solar Power Plant16080 000500
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant480250 000521
Advanced Wind Turbine2012 000600
Wave Power Plant2014 000700
Wind Turbine86 000750
Geothermal Power Plant8065 000813

Cost of upkeep MW by power source

BuildingMWUpkeep(₡/week)Upkeep of MW (₡/week/MW)
Fusion Power Plant16 0008 0000,50
Solar Power Plant1601 2007,50
Wave Power Plant201608,00
Solar Updraft Tower2402 2409,33
Advanced Wind Turbine2020010,00
Wind Turbine88010,00
Nuclear Power Plant6408 00012,50
Geothermal Power Plant801 04013,00
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant4806 40013,33
Coal Power Plant4056014,00
Oil Power Plant1201 92016,00

Production is greater than consumption but…

… mine citizens say that they haven’t enough power – what to do? This problem could be in every city but the solution is easy. When you play and build new power sources. Be sure that all the power plants and the city are connected.

Does distance matter in the accessibility of power?

In my game (vanilla and some DLCs) I’m sure that distance hasn’t mattered to the accessibility of power. So you could build one big “energy district” where you have all of your power plants. But when you play on reality you want to build a “new” small power district where you generate energy.

Is there a way to build power lines on roads?

In the vanilla game without mods, you can’t. But there is a mode Electric Roads Mod (YouTube) that could you help distribute power to your city. You must connect power plants with roads (wind turbines too) and after that, you have power in your city.

May I build unconnected power grids in Cities Skylines?

You could think and is valid, that is a good way to build two or three grids in the city and that could be more realistic I know. But you will have problems with overall stats.

Because you could see that you have production 500 MW and consumption 200 MW. So all should be working, no? But if you work with grids it could look like…

A300 MW50 MWthis grid haven’t problems
B100 MW125 MWthis grid will have problems
C100 MW25 MWthis grid haven’t problems

… so as you see I have three grids and grid B has problems with electricity because have more consumption than production but overall you have enough production. So you want to connect all grids always.

Are in Cities Skylines any causalities that affect power grids?

Yes, there are some causalities which should be. When you connect grids to the city be sure that you connect the city directly. Optional is built near the last power lane park. If you connect the grid and city with “zone” and the building will be aboned or will fire then your city will be disconnected.

Make sure that you connect your city and power plants with two separate power lanes. Because there could be casualties like flooding or lightning strike to one power line and it will take some time to repair it.

Can nuclear power plants explode in Cities Skylines?

This part of nuclear power isn’t implemented by developers in Cities Skylines. So nuclear power plants can’t explode. At forums are some “voices” for implementation but I don’t think that this “feature” will be in the game. And If it comes I don’t know how can core meltdown because the source of water is unlimited in Cities Skylines and I think that you will have enough sources every time.

Do you have more questions about power in Cities Skylines?

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