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This DLC I’ve bought recently to mine Cities Skylines and today I want to show you what it’s inside this DLC and answer the question of if it’s worth it and share my experience with this DLC.

If you haven’t seen the trailer there is…

… this DLC comes with a more complex industry specialization with more details that you could use for a better gaming experience. Which is more “funny” than previous industry specialization. Now you must count and balance the economy. In the previous version you can just “click” and you have a specialized industry new system that is more realistic.

Which are the main changes with this DLC?

This DLC changes everything that you know about the industry in Cities Skylines. It makes a more complex “schema” of the industry supply chain which with this DLC looks like this…

… you should see the new line of “industry” DLC. There are some specializations which make “special goods” and these goods you must deliver to “unique factories” and in these factories produces “luxury goods” which your citizens need.

If you have a question yes, you could play Cities Skylines when you have bought this DLC and not play with this specific line of industry. But I’m sure that you will love this update.

Industry areas

There is a completed change in how industry areas work. In a vanilla game, you just make a zone and build orange industrial zones. After this DLC you must make the industry zone, main building, and a lot of new buildings with which you must calculate.

There are new resources list with price “money per ton”:

MaterialZoneLevel₡ per ton
Raw Forest ProductsForestryraw resources20
CropsFarmingraw resources20
OresMiningraw resources30
OilDrillingraw resources40
Planed TimberForestryspecial goods150
PaperForestryspecial goods150
FlourFarmingspecial goods150
Animal ProductsFarmingspecial goods150
MetalMiningspecial goods225
GlassMiningspecial goods225
PlasticsDrillingspecial goods300
PetroleumDrillingspecial goods300
GoodsGenericluxury goods1000

So the best thing you could do is build a full supply chain to have luxury goods which you should export or with you should fill your stores.

Depletion of resources is what you need to know. Like in real life in Cities Skylines is this feature implemented except foresty and fertile land because they are renewable. But when you work with oil or ore they could lack natural resources. So when your city will be dependent on these resources you must search for the next industrial area. Or when your resources disappear you must import raw resources or find new areas.

Unique factories

To make “luxury goods” we will get “unique factories” which make from “special goods” the “luxury goods”. You could build just one factory per type so you must plan where to build these factories to have good traffic.

Unique factories and which material they needSource: official wiki

So you could see that there are four basic factories which are furniture, bakery, plastic factory, and industrial steel plant. Which can work just for one industry source. Others factories combine multiple industrial zones which must deliver the product to them.

The good question is which factory makes more money on 100% production. So there is the table:

BuildingWeekly Profit
Sneaker Factory6816
Modular House Factory6640
Food Factory6000
Soft Paper Factory4256
Industrial Steel Plant4160
Clothing Factory4016
Petroleum Refinery4000
Toy Factory3600
Electronics Factory3040
Car Factory3040
Lemonade Factory1904
Printing Press1840
Furniture Factory1240
Household Plastic Factory800

So if you want to make a lot of money from factories then I’ve recommended building a sneaker factory, shipyard, or modular house factory. But as you could see in the table above you must combine three industry areas.

Another tips to make money in Cities Skylines.

New achievements

With these DLCs came to game 7 new achievements which help you with new industry areas.

My favorite achievements from this DLC are:

  • Full Capacity – Level up an Industry Area up to Level 5
  • Industry Tycoon – Build all Unique Factories
  • Postman – Deliver 1 000 000 units of Mail
  • Serial Investor – Build 10 Industry Areas

There are the last 3 achievements:

  • Just Tolling – Build one of each road Toll Booth buildings
  • Offshore Assets – Build five Offshore Oil Drilling Platforms
  • Scaling Up – Build 10 Warehouse buildings

When you will play with this DLC all achievements will be easy to get.

How to start playing with CS: Industries?

My start was easy. There is the waste screen has been redesigned with a new special industry screen. First, you have to establish an industrial area and you have to establish it in some place with mineral resources (the way it was done before).

Industrial areas are like district or university areas in DLC Campus. After you mark the new area you must create the road to this new industry and build the main building which allows you to build the more specific building in this new area.

After that, you must build industry extractors that create “raw products” these products you must store in “storage buildings” if you will have problems with production your citizens will “import” raw products to your city. So be prepared to have a strong production.

After that, you must build “industry processors” these buildings have your “raw products” and makes “special goods” these goods you could export and make money. But if you store it in warehouses and you connect them to a “unique factory” this factory makes “luxury goods” for which you will earn a lot of money.

It’s Cities: Skylines Industries worth?

Yes, yes, yes this is probably one of the best DLC which are in Cities Skylines. t will change much of the game for you in terms of the industry and give you new ways to play. Yes, I’m maybe a little disappointed that they didn’t add more specializations, but otherwise, I find this DLC to be something I missed in the game.


In the end, if you will search for tutorials I have there official tutorials which could help you with new more complex Industries in Cities Skylines.

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