Where to play Hearts of Iron IV?

Hearts of Iron 4 is currently one of the most favourite games. But where could you play it? And is it available at cloud gaming?

Windows, Mac, Linux

✅ It is true – PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) is the prime place where is possible for you to play Hearts Of Iron IV. Such places provide the best gaming experience, especially when you have a big monitor that pictures everything you need to see in one place. Personally, I would recommend this one because of that.

Is it possible to find HOI IV on consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation?

No, it is not possible for you to play Hearts of Iron IV on consoles. I also presume that HOI IV won’t be available on consoles in the future, mainly because of the game’s complexity through playing with “joysticks” and its 10 buttons. I must admit that the game would look probably great on the big TV and I would enjoy playing it as well, however in the end, playing with a mouse and keyboard can provide a much better gaming experience.

Is HOI IV available on Nvidia GeForce Now?

Yes, Hearts of Iron IV is available at Nvidia GeForce Now so you can play the game there. It can be really helpful in case you have a bad pc but stable internet at the same time. I use this particular way of playing HOI VI in situations such as winter holidays with family and worse circumstances (for example old MacBook).

FYI: An article about strategy games
can be found on GeForce Now

Is HOI4 on Google Stadia?

No, Hearts of Iron IV isn’t available at Google Stadia. However, there are available Cities such as Skylines, which are too from Paradox. Therefore it is not impossible that the game won’t be accessible in the future.

Can be HOI IV considered as a crossplay?

Unfortunately no, HOI IV is not a crossplay, mostly because of the absence of the right feature and complications with its connection. From what I’ve read on some official forums, this is something that is being elaborated on in other games from the same publisher. By that, I assume that this option will probably work in the future.

Where to buy HOI IV?

That is surely a good question with simple answers. The list of official sites which I would recommend is presented below:

  • Official site
  • Steam
  • Microsoft Store
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