Civilization VI – about goals and how to get them?

The turn-based 4X strategy game Sid Meier’s Civilization VI was developed by Firaxis Games, released by 2K Games, and distributed by Take-Two Interactive. The game was released on  October 21, 2016, for Windows and macOS. It was later released on other platforms as well, including Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

Goals in Civilization VI

The goal of Civilization VI is pretty simple. In fact, it is similar to the previous installment in the series.

Your goal in Civilization VI is to build a civilization from a small colony over many in-game millennia to become a global power and meet one of several winning requirements, such as dominating the other human and computer-controlled opponents in military conflict, having better technology, or having a stronger cultural impact. 

Players accomplish this by traveling the world, establishing new cities, formulating city improvements, deploying military forces to attack and defend against other players, learning about cutting-edge technologies and civic innovations, creating a thriving culture, and negotiating and trading with other world leaders.

Winning criteria of Civilization VI

In Civilization VI, there are five potential ways to win: through Science, Culture, Dominance, Religion, and Score. The sixth way of victory (Diplomacy) was added with the launch of Gathering Storm DLC.

In simpler words, there are six winning criteria of Civilization 6. We will only discuss these faintly as there are a lot of additional elements which deserve a guide of their own.

Science victory

The Science Victory is the most time-consuming victory condition. To win in this category, participants must eventually launch the Mars Colony. 

You need to complete certain tasks before you can launch your Mars Colony. These steps include:

  1. Research Rocketry.
  2. Build a Spaceport.
  3. Finish the Launch Earth Satellite project.
  4. Research Satellites.
  5. Finish the Launch Moon Landing project.
  6. Research Nuclear Fusion.
  7. Finish the Launch Mars Reactor project.
  8. Research Nanotechnology.
  9. Finish the Launch Mars Hydroponics project.
  10. Research Robotics.
  11. Finish the Launch Mars Habitation project.

As you can see, all these steps will take a lot of time. This is why we called Science Victory the most time-consuming victory condition.


Culture is also a complex victory condition in Civilization VI. To gain Cultural Victory, you must attract visiting visitors by generating a lot of Culture and Tourism. Victory is accomplished when the total number of visiting tourists in your civilization exceeds the total number of domestic tourists in any other civilization.


The Domination Victory is quite straightforward. To gain Domination Victory, you must capture the capital of every other civilization, regardless of whether they are still in play. A strong military is definitely recommended for this victory condition, as is the technology required to create up-to-date forces.

Moreover, you need to keep a hold of your original capital. Simply maintain your own capital while everybody else loses theirs.


To attain Religious Victory, your Religion has to become the dominant Religion in every civilization in the game. Religion is deemed dominant in civilization if it is practiced by more than 50% of its cities. 

Players who may not find religion and those who have had their religion wiped away are ineligible for this win, although they can still make it difficult for others to accomplish it.


Score Victories are awarded to the civilization with the greatest score at the end of a game if no other civilization has won. The game finishes in 2050 by default. However, this can be changed in the game’s settings.

Each player’s score in a normal game using the vanilla ruleset is determined as follows:

  • 5 points for each city-owned.
  • 5 points for each wonder owned.
  • 3 points for each district owned.
  • 3 points for each Great Person earned.
  • 2 points for each belief after founding a religion.
  • 2 points for each civic research.
  • 2 points for each technology researched.
  • 1 point for each Citizen in the player’s empire.


The Diplomacy Victory can only be achieved in the “Gathering Storm” expansion. Diplomatic Victory is attained by amassing a particular number of Diplomatic Victory points (20 on Standard speed). There are several methods for gaining and losing Diplomatic Victory points.

The person who earns the most Diplomatic Victory points first becomes the World Leader and wins the game.

Winning strategies in Civilization VI

The strategies in Civilization VI can be divided into three categories. These are:

  • Beginning
  • Mid-Game
  • Endgame

Let’s take a look at all of these strategies.

Beginning strategy Of Civilization VI

Now that you know the essential basics of Civilization 6, you are ready to jump into the game itself. Using the advice provided here, you should be able to get your civilization off to the right start, ensuring that you remain competitive as the game progresses to its middle and final phases.

After choosing a map type, your preferred civilization, and game difficulty, then you can follow this section of the guide. 

First of all, you’ll need to establish your first city. In addition, you need to work on building your army early on as it will be helpful in the long run. 

Mid-Game of Civilization VI

Once you reach the Renaissance Era, you will have reached the mid-game. From here on, you need to get more careful with your turns. At this point, you’d have a basic understanding of the game. 

Mid-game governments endorse six policies that address a variety of issues. Now it depends on which Victory you’re aiming for. To strengthen your military, aim for a Monarchy government type, which may be acquired through Divine Right civic study. 

Theocracy (through Reformed Church civic) for a religious boost; Merchant Republic (via Exploration civic) for a flexible government type with two wildcard policy slots that improve gold acquisition via new trade routes and purchasing discounts.

End-game strategy to win in Civilization VI

The late game in Civilization 6 features horrific army forces, incredible scientific breakthroughs, awe-inspiring religious wonders, and must-see tourist hotspots.

At this point, you should be looking out for aggressive leaders. The late game’s military forces, not to mention the fear of nuclear warfare, throw a long shadow over attempts at a more peaceful win. Therefore, a Defensive Pact with a trustworthy commander is a valuable deterrent to would-be warmongers.

Overall, the last phase of your game entirely depends on your strategy. For instance, if you’re opting for a Religious Victory, you should spread your religious speakers to try to convert whole cities.

Can you win before reaching 2050?

As we have mentioned earlier, winning after reaching 2050 is the last resort. You can actually attain any one of the victories we have mentioned before reaching 2050. Only the Time/Score Victory will require you to reach 2050 in the game.


So this was our guide on all the basic stuff you should know about when you start playing Civilization VI. We went through all the phases that you’ll face in-game. We have tried to explain it in quite an easy-to-understand tone, so we hope it will help you.