Farthest Frontier: First feelings

Yesterday (22.8.2022) I finally got to the new game that is in early access called Farthest Frontier. Below I have a few notes that I jotted down while playing and I’d like to share them with you.

How was the first game of Farthest Frontier?

The first game doesn’t connect with us (the players) at all, we are thrown right into the action. After a short cutscene, you can choose where you want the town hall center to be (and that’s pretty essential) and you can play straight away.

Yes, I probably would have appreciated a little demonstration of what works and how it works, a new player might be a bit lost, but I didn’t mind it and I managed.

First tips, what to watch out for?

I already know there will be more articles to follow on this game as I explore it more, so for now, let’s just quickly run through my initial observations/tips:

  1. winter comes really fast
  2. you need to have enough shelters and a few places free
  3. food, food, food at the beginning collect, gradually build fields and hunters
  4. make sure you have enough people for the tasks (preparing firewood, harvesting,…)

I’ve prepared guide how to survive first year in Farthest Frontier.
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Is there anything we can say to the developers?

Yes, your game is in early access, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. Along with my village, I’ve literally fought every year for a few years, and it seems to me that the game has brought other directions of the challenge to the builder genre. It’s not just causal city building, you have to think, sometimes calculate but most importantly plan. Keep it up, looking forward to the full version!

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