Europa Universalis IV – discount until 24.10.

I was browsing Steam today, looking at game information and how many people are currently playing which strategy games, and I noticed that Europa Universalis IV is on sale until October 24 – if you don’t have this game on your list, this might be a cheap way to play it.

Price before the event: $39,99

Price on sale: $7,99 (sale -75%)

In case you don’t want to own the game so you can buy a “borrow” package of all EU IV, which will cost you $4,99 if you decide to buy a package that you want everything, so it will cost you $194 which is a discount of about 56%. If you were to pay for the game with a subscription then you would have 39 months to play it before you get to the current full price for everything.

Detail of the discount event from 17.10.2022 – as I took a picture:

But again, beware – don’t blow all your monthly budget on EU IV related games Victoria III is coming soon and you might want to wait for that one. At the same time, the game is from 2013, and there’s also the question of whether we’ll be expecting Europa Universalis V soon.

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