Time period of Victoria III

1836 to 1936 will be the years in which Victoria III will be set. This is primarily the Victorian period, which will stretch through World War I to before World War II, which will then be followed by another Paradox game, Hearts of Iron IV.

Let’s look at what specific “events” we might expect to be represented in the game. However, don’t worry each game will be unique in its way – you’ll be able to choose which path you want to take using the journal feature and it will guide you through everything.

The developers say to wait. So below I’ve summarized the basic events that need to be in the game. We’ll wait for the full list until the game is released.

Main worldwide events

  • Opium Wars – 4. 9. 1839 – 24. 10. 1860
  • Mexican–American War – 25. 4. 1846 – 2. 2. 1848
  • Revolutions in Europe – 1848
  • American Civil War – 4. 1861 – 9. 4. 1865
  • World War I – 28.7.1914

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