Expensive government goods in Victoria 3

One of problems which you should have in Victoria 3 is about expensive government goods. Today I will show you tips how to prevent problems with big prices and why is this problem bad for your country in Victoria 3.

About expensive government goods

Every government in Victoria 3 pays sources for some buildings typically on government administration, port or university. How much you currently paid you could see inside budget tab and also…

Budget tab with government goods

… you could view details of your government goods budget in which you could see details on which specific goods you pay. Is good to know in which goods you pay here. And also watch prices of this resources because you buy this resources for your market…

Details of government goods expenses

… this mean that if you have expensive goods which you need for your government then you will pay more money on these expenses.

Is “expensive goods for government” problem?

Definitely yes and doesn’t matter if you have enough income from taxes or not. If you have more expensive on goods for government then you pay too much. And for your country will be better if you reduce this costs to minimum.

If you see this informations in current situation tabs then you definitely have problems with expensive government goods and you must focus to optimize prices of goods.

Expensive government goods in tabs

How to decrease goods price of government goods?

  • Import goods from other countries.
  • Optimize production schemas in current buildings.
  • Build new factories which will focus on government goods.

If you have large problems then you could perform quick way solution in which you import goods from other countries. But this isn’t long term solutions because in time your government will grow and you will need more and more goods.

Also you could have problems in future with embargo. If you will be in political plays then other strong country could embargo you or the countries you trade with. And you will have shortage or your prices increase. So you’ll be back where you were or worse off.

More correct way will be optimizing production methods. You could optimize methods in factories to produce more. Or you could decrease production methods in your government buildings. This should solve your problems for some time.

Optimization of paper mills to lover price of paper

But better way is building new factories which will increase your production. This you must use when you have optimized your current production methods and you can’t make any new changes.

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