Comparison of economy systems in Victoria 3

In Victoria 3 you should chose which economy system your country will use. There are four interesting economy systems and is question which economy system you could chose. Today we will look on all main economy systems like Interventionism / Laissez-Faire / Agrarianism / Cooperative Ownership and I will show you which is best for you.

Patch 1.2 update informations: This article is written after patch 1.2 so you could find new informations which aren’t available. So don’t be afraid of new informations. After this patch you must focus your economy systems more because it affects a lot of.

Main differences between these economy systems are in investment pool contribution and in private construction allocations. Also this systems influence which building you could subsidize. If these mechanics work well for you then you could expand your economy and your GDP will raise. Also there isn’t any “one truth” or “one best system to use” you must combine/change economy system based on your situation.

Which economy system use?

To select best economy system for you – you must first know well groups of your population. Because every system has modifiers how they contribute to investment pools and it works the way it works is that a certain group of people always contribute more to the system. So it makes sense to choose the system whose representatives you have the most/richest in the population because that way you will get more income.

Population groups

In early phases of game could be good systems Agrarianism which has a lot of investments from Farmers and Aristocrats also you could subsidize and develop primary agriculture buildings.

When you have strong capitalists in your country then could be good use Laissez-Faire because there you have a lot of income from them and also from Shopkeepers. Also there is bigger allocation of construction to sector to their investments.

Interventionism looks for me like good “middle way” which doesn’t have cons but doesn’t have big pros. And new Cooperative Ownership looks like communism way for advanced republics.


Agrarianism looks great for early phases in which you need to boost your country, increase standard of living and remove subsistence farms. You get money to investment pools from farmers and aristocrats and also lower income from capitalists.

Agrarianism details in Victoria 3

This economic systems investment pool you could use on agriculture buildings like plantations, farms and ranches. So when you need to boost your food production and lover prices this could be good way. Bud in longterm view this is starting point and you must find better systems.


Economic system of Interventionism looks like more basic and most neutral system economic system which is in Victoria 3. It doesn’t have cons/pros and private construction will allocate +50% of your construction capacity.

Interventionism in Victoria 3

You also could subsidize and finance all types of buildings (except government buildings) so this could be good “middle way”.


For me Laissez-Faire is best economy law in Victoria 3 if I look how I play. For me is important economy and I have strong industry. So when I’m focusing on industrialist I’m changing to this model because I know that I get boost on industrial pools.

Laissez-Faire details in Victoria 3

As I mention Laissez-Faire have support +25% contribution efficiency from Capitalists and Shopkeepers to pool which are big pops groups in developed countries. Problematic could be that this economic system is hard to pass because you probably won’t have enough support.

Great on this system is lower loan interest rate which could be good if you are in debt. But bad thing about this system is that you cannot downsizing non-government buildings. So you could have some factories without people and you can’t do nothing with it (yes of course you must do good politics to have enough people). And last bad thing on this system is that you are limited on buildings because this system gets 75% of construction sector capacity. But for me the AI which manage investment pool works well.

Cooperative Ownership

The new economy system is cooperative ownership which looks most communism for me. It has boost to investment pools from farmers and shopkeepers. The good thing is that you have enough spaces to own buildings because there is just +35% private construction allocation.

Cooperative Ownership details in Victoria 3
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