Farthest Frontier: About graveyard

It happened to me and it will happen to you. Even if you do everything right and take care of your citizens, someone may die as a result of an accident, illness, during a predator attack or during a raid on your village. But what about this person – you must take care of him! There is a special graveyard building in Farthest Frontier – let’s take a look at it.

Where to build a graveyard?

I recommend you to build the graveyard immediately at the beginning of the game and somewhere where it probably won’t expand. You don’t have to build it big to start with, a 5×5 will be enough. Just place it really well – its construction is irreversible.

You don’t have to do anything to fulfill it, your residents will bring their dead fellow citizens here and bury them. Over time, you can watch as more tombstones are added and you will also see more information in the statistics.

Below you can see what the graveyard looks like after about 12 years of play when I built it in year 5. In my colony, 17 people died in those 12 years which is 1,41 people per year. What I observe is that when you do everything right, the deaths are caused by attacks or accidents.

How to demolish a cemetery?

Unfortunately, it seems that the graveyard cannot currently be demolished.

This makes sense, because after all, even in our world I haven’t seen many cemeteries move.

In short, wherever you build it, there it will be. So choose the place well – as I wrote above.

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