Crusader Kings III: Friends & Foes

Paradox surprised us again and announced another DLC for Crusader Kings III, which will be called Friends & Foes and which will focus primarily on events that happen during the game and as the name suggests will be primarily related to your friends or enemies.

As we always do, we’ll start with the trailer…

… the positive news is that we will get the DLC on September 8, 2022, in one week. Unfortunately, we don’t know the final price yet, but I expect it to be around 10 to 20 EUR or USD.

What will be added with Friends & Foes to CK III?

  • over 100 new dialogs and options
  • dialogs will be more interesting and varied
  • new ways to make friends and new status best friend
  • your enemies will come at you in new tricky ways
  • your character’s childhood will be more fully reflected in the game
  • history will have a much greater impact on the present
  • at the same time we get new music

Is DLC Friends & Foes worth?

If the story part of CK III isn’t such a priority for you and the dialogues that pop up from time to time are a necessary evil that you always try your best to click off, this DLC won’t be right for you and I would rather recommend you to look for another DLC.

However, if you just enjoy dialogues, choices, and various plotting which is what CK III is very much about. Then the Friends & Foes DLC will be worth it for you.

Is DLC Friends & Foes must have for CK III?

I don’t think this DLC is a “must-have” for CK III, but I can recommend it for advanced players. I would actually expect more or different content that we get as DLC. I will consider purchasing based on price, but I would expect a bit more.

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