Farthest Frontier: Baskets

Baskets can be made from willow wicker and then used by your residents to increase how much stuff they can carry at one time, or you can sell the baskets to merchants for gold. Let’s take a look at how to make them and how much they can be sold for.

You will be able to make baskets if you have enough willow, which is then processed in a basket shop that you can build inside the city and up to two people can work in it. To get one basket you will need 2 willow.

Once you have made the baskets so they are usually moved to the warehouse where your residents can take it, which should increase the carrying capacity of the raw materials and overall they can work efficiently.

The photo below is of Vratislav working as a Forager, so I believe he will collect more raw materials at once and be more efficient overall.

In case you have a basket surplus (which can easily happen) so I recommend to prepare them in the trading post where you can sell them for an average price of 11 gold / piece. If you have a good supply of willow then this is another easy resource to sell.

The average price of baskets is 11 gold / piece
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