Farthest Frontier: How to get coal?

Coal isn’t a basic resource in Farthest Frontier, it is something you’ll need in later stages for more complex processing of resources like iron ore or gold ore, you’ll need it to create more advanced tools or to sell to traders. Let’s take a look at how you can get it or how you can make it.

Coal mine

The basic way you can get coal is by mining it with a coal mine. This will open with the second level of the town hall and you can build it on the coal deposit…

… then your people can work here and bring the coal to your warehouses where you can take it to make iron or sell it. From what I’ve observed, it doesn’t seem to me that coal is replacing firewood. You can then employ up to 6 people in the mine.

Where to get charcoal?

In the game you can also get charcoal, it is produced in a charcoal kiln and works virtually the same as coal. You can use this route in case you mine all your coal or if you don’t have a coal deposit on the map.

Price of charcoal kiln

Be careful when placing a charcoal kiln, once you place it it has a very negative effect on its surroundings. At the same time I recommend that you make sure that you build firewood chopping in the vicinity.

But this building is not necessary if you have enough classic charcoal.

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