Farthest Frontier: How to get stone?

Stone is one of the basic resources that are in Farthest Frontier and which you will need for many constructions. Let’s take a look at how you can easily get it and how to make sure you always have enough.

There are only three paths, and we’ll show you all of them:

Harvest stone

The basic way to get a stone is by “harvesting” it using the H key. Or alternatively, you can manually click on the stone and then you can click on the “harvest” button, or if you have a little stone you can click on prioritize and thanks to that your inhabitants will collect it as a priority…

… this route is not very effective, so you will probably only use it in the beginning (during the first year). At the same time, it’s good to add that if you expand the village and the stones will be in the place of future buildings, then as you clear the place you will automatically collect stones for your inventory.

Work camp

From my experience, the above-described way (i.e. I get the stone by building) is enough to have enough stone and I had to resort to work camp only in rare cases, but if you build a work camp near the stone, so you can set it up so that people only mined the stone…

… but once it is extracted, it is necessary to reorient them somewhere else (or turn on tree felling) otherwise people will have nothing to do in the work camp and that would be a pity.

There isn’t a stone on the map, what to do?

It may happen that there will not be enough stone on the map or that you will find that you have mined all the stone. As soon as you see at the beginning that there is/is not enough stone, build a trading post as soon as possible, because you will have to trade stone to secure it…

The trader above doesn’t have the stone, but I can buy clay from him, which I don’t have.

… this path is a big challenge, but the maps are built in such a way that if you have a little of something you will have more of something else, so you can easily focus in some other direction and just buy the stone.

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