Farthest Frontier: How to explore?

After a while of playing Farthest Frontier when you grow your town, you start extracting resources from your surroundings and get more of a running start after the first year. At the same time, you probably start figuring out what to do next. And that’s when exploration should come in. How do I do it and how do I do it effectively? That’s what we’ll look at in today’s guide.

Exploration under the E button

When you press the E button and then click on the map, you will see a point which will be immediately explored by one of your people. It may happen that there will be bears/wolves in the area and they will want to attack your explorer, or, it may also happen that you will discover something interesting – so be careful.

Exploration using manual commands

Another way can be that you choose a certain person from your population and then click on the map where you want your person to go. In case you do this manually, I recommend choosing a guard who has a weapon. There is a better chance of defending himself against a potential attack…

… for this type of exploration, I recommend using a soldier from your barracks or a man sitting in the guard tower. They usually carry short and long-range weapons and are more likely to defend themselves. Alternatively, I recommend sending more than one person on such an expedition – there will be a better chance for them to defend themselves.

How to explore efficiently?

I use the function under the E key (the exploration process by sticking a point on the map and someone walks to it). I usually do this “in a circle” so it expands the view and I can always see in all directions. This also means that production/building stops for a while in case you don’t have enough people…

… once I have barracks, I try to send guards in larger groups. I do so usually right after the raid on my village is over – nothing will probably happen and it’s the best chance to get through as much as possible knowing I won’t need people in the city.

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