Farthest Frontier: How to kill wolfes?

You may have encountered wolves on the map who attack your village from time to time. The cause may be either ” random” or you may have a wolf nest in the vicinity of your village. If it is a random attack so it can be countered easily, but you will have a nest so it will want to prepare the attack already. Anyway, we will show that in today’s article, because the best defense – is attack!

A wolfes randomly attacking your village

In case your village is attacked by a wolf or a bear, you want to call all your citizens to the main building (by clicking on the bell) from where it will be taken out by the towers or people shooting from the main building. If the wolf is attacking a group of your people, select them all and then attack the wolf. Attack the wolf by having them all selected and clicking on it.

In case the wolves attack your village regularly and it is not just a random attack so in the direction from where the wolves attack build a lookout tower, which will defend you and into it hire two archers, so that you have a defense always certain.

Attack against the wolf’s nest

In case you have a wolf’s nest in the vicinity of the city and you came across it while exploring so you will have to build first a barracks (on the II. level of the city) and then recruit the full number of soldiers (the more the better – even less is enough)…

Barracks and condition of units

…once you’ve recruited a lot of troops, you’ll have them armed. You can see in the picture above if you have soldiers in full condition. You want them all to be green as much as possible, and you want the swords/arrows/bows they have next to their image to not be red.

In short, you want to have them at full quality because then they will be stronger and your attack will be significantly better. If you don’t have enough weapons or armor, wait for a merchant and buy things from him. The soldiers will then take the items from the warehouse themselves.

Anyway, once you are ready click on the attack planning icon and place it on the wolf nest and your armed units will destroy the nest.

Planning an attack
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