Farthest Frontier: Raids survive tips

Let’s take a look at the topic of raids in Farthest Frontier and how to defend against them. From what I’ve experienced, raids get more and more difficult to fend off as time goes on. Let’s take a look at what to do once a raid starts on you.

As soon as you see the following notifications so you want to summon all its inhabitants to move to the shelter which is in the center of your city…

… the call to shelter is done in the town hall by clicking on the bell and then all your residents try to get to one place in the town centre. The town hall has basic defenses and if the marauders get to it they try to shoot at them.

This is just the basics of what needs to be done first. Then I recommend switching your game to 1x speed and possibly pausing the game to explore where the raiders are coming from. In my experience, they will come at you from two places on the map and you need to check those places – see how many people are coming from where and prepare a bit.

If the raiders choose a place where you have no protection tower and goes from that place a lot of people so there send soldiers from your barracks. You do this by clicking on the barracks and then on the call attack buttons.

If you have a full barracks of soldiers so you can divide them into two units where one will go against one stream of attackers and the other will go after the rest. If you have followed all the tips from the defense tips and have built the towers and walls correctly, everything should be fine.

To successfully repel a raid you just need to kill more than half of the raiders and if your city still looks good after that the raiders will give up and start running away.

What to do if I don’t have a good defense?

If you don’t have a defense ready and manage to get close to your city so you may have a serious problem and you are afraid that you will have to quit. So I bring you some tips on what you can try to do to make it not turn out so bad.

1) Use hunters and other armed inhabitants for defence.

2) Summon defenders from distant towers and call them to defend (they have weapons).

If you fail to engage these armed citizens. Then you’ll probably have to get looted. And hope they don’t take everything from you. Because to take all the people and go with them against the raiders could cause a lot of losses that your economy might not recover from.

Raids asking for a “payoff”

I’ve noticed that some raids don’t start right away, but first there is a request for a bailout. Where first the army stands somewhere on the map and then you have the option to pay gold or fight. It’s hard to advise here depending on if you have enough gold or if you have mastered defense…

…if you have a good defense, then feel free to refuse to pay and try to defend yourself. If you have a weak defense and gold in your account, you better pay them and work on your defense next time.

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