Foreign Investment in Victoria 3

Foreign investment is one of features which was in Victoria 2. This feature isn’t implemented in Victora 3 vanilla game but there are speculation that this feature could be implemented in one of next DLC which will come to Victoria 3. Also there is mod which allows foreign investment and we will look on this.

As I mention foreign investments aren’t in game for now. But from developer diary called “post-release plans” developers shown that foreign investment will be implemented in future. For now there is just “small event” called “Foreign Investment” which could increase relations with neighborhood country.

Foreign investment & how it should work?

Foreign investment could typically works that you will invest in a friendly country or inside custom union and then you could earn income from the building. Will be good if there will be more aspects how foreign investments should works.

We could invest only in infrastructure and the target country could get bonus for faster development. Which could accelerate growth and you would get a better partner for trade.

Or we could invest for money earnings and then the target country will generate more goods and you will get the money from that buildings. What might be interesting is if could be production methods different than target country currently has. And in this would be possible to build more efficient buildings than other countries have and thus earn incredibly much.

Foreign investment are blocked now

Also there should be specific laws which will works with this investments. There should changes rules/parameters when will foreign investment works or also there should be “expropriation” of foreign build up and thus significantly worsen relations between countries.

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Foreign investment mod

Since this feature isn’t implemented in game you could use foreign investment modification which is available on Steam. It can be a quick way to build buildings in your custom union to support your market. It is good to make sure that the destination country has enough people in the location to have someone working in the building.

Foreign Investments mod available on Steam
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