Private construction in Victoria 3

Since version 1.2 Victoria 3 we get new methods how investment pools works. Important part is private construction which has separated construction queue which you can’t manage. From earlier version main change is that investments pools are spend by AI decisions. Also economic laws affect how much private construction will be in your country – let’s see how to play with private construction effectively.

How private construction works?

As I mention private construction is separated building queue in which are builded buildings in your nation. Parameters of private sector are managed by your economy system. System determines how much of your construction sector you will be allocated on private construction and also determine how much will your pops groups invest to investment pool.

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Private construction is founded from investment pools and is driven by AI. So you could change just parameters and the AI will do the rest. What is good on private construction is that AI focus on balancing your goods which doesn’t work well. Logically, AI build factories/buildings where they can get the most benefit in income (i.e. where goods are expensive).

Bellow you could see construction overview…

Construction overview

… first line is your “government buildings” e.g. buildings builded by player. And second row is for buildings which are built from “private construction”. If you click on details you could see both queue separated…

Private construction queue.

Now when you know how private construction works we could look how to use it properly for increasing your performance and faster grow of your GDP. Because if you don’t use this feature properly then you’re not making the most of your potential.

Using private construction properly

First of all you need to select good economy law for you because this determine how much of your construction capacity will be used. Bellow is table in which is shown how much economy system gets % of your construction sector.

Economic System% construction sector
Cooperative Ownership35
Command Economydisable pools
Construction sector allocation to private construction based on economy systems

If you need to use private construction is important to select some of this economic laws…

  • Interventionism
  • Agrarianism
  • Laissez-Faire

best for you depends how advanced is your country now. If you have strong farms / plantations then is good for you Agrarianism. If you have strong factories / mines you need to have Laissez-Faire.

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After you have good economy laws then you need to focus on your construction queue. If you have a lot of order in your government queue then there may not be enough space for a private building. And money will be accumulated in investment pool. Is important to spend money in investment pool. So plan just the buildings which you currently need.

After you spend all of money in investment pool then all of construction capacity goes to government queue until the investment pool won’t be filled to some point again. Otherwise if you play as “strong” and “independent” country then you could try Command Economy in which private construction doesn’t work.

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