Games like OpenTTD

OpenTTD was published in 2004 since years we got a lot of new updates (the latest was in 04/2022) but are there any similar games like OpenTTD which try and which do not? And how looks?

Today I will show you some similar games like OpenTTD. A lot of sites have a similar list of games but I think that this will be best because I’ve tried all games or if I something cant play I’ve spent hours watching videos about these games => So let’s start!


The first game which I want to share with you is the Czech game Mashiny (Mašinka in kids’ Czech language means train). I think that this game is the best successor to OpenTTD. We get eras, a lot of trains, buildings, cities, and industry.

The main feature for me is a similar but different and funny economy model when you don’t just make money. You need to get tokens from delivering the material which you use to level-ups. And second, the main feature is combo 3D with OpenTTD grid. So when you build you have “all right” but if you won’t just watch you could!

Source: Oficial website

This game is created by Jan Zelezny who has experience in Czech Mafia II and Mafia III but these games aren’t tycoons so I won’t write about them. But we could see that he live for his game because we get a lot of updates.

There is one of the first trailers (4 years old) when the game was in Early Access and I can say that the game was already looking great! The upside video is the newest update.

Reviews on Steam are positive with 88% positive from 1 865 reviewers.

And Mashinky cost 25$ on the official website. When you bought you will get a Steam key.

One thing that I want to criticize is that doesn’t support playing on MacOS or in Nvidia GeForce now. You could play this game just on Windows.

Rise of industry

The second game which I could recommend to you is Raise of industry. This game is having great painted graphics so with a lot of details. It has all types of transport and great product lines.

In Rise of industry, you have more power than in OpenTDD this game isn’t just about transport. you could build factories, fields and a lot of other things. And after that, you must deliver your products to towns. And there it depends on you if you use trains or cars.

Source: Steam

This game is created by Kasedogames which you should know from Project Highrise. They have more strategic games on the list all of them look great so in the future I will write about their games stay tuned!

There is one of the last dev update from 2019 after that I can’t search for any new dev update so I think that now developers aren’t working on new updates. Ok sorry for mistake last update was in january 2021.

Reviews on Steam are positive with 77% positive from 2 726 reviewers.

And Rise of Industry cost 29,99 euros on the official website of the publisher Kalypsomedia. Game is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and of course SteamOS. When you bought it you will get the key to Steam.

Transport Fever 2

The third game which I want to recommend to you is Transport Fever 2 it’s the Transport Fever sequel. This game isn’t just about making routes. You can’t select just one type of industry you must combine all types to make your city grow.

This game has eras sou you start as nothing in 1950 and you must grow up. The big thing in this game is the Steam workshop. You could mod your game with a lot of skins and types of trains. I think that this game is the most complex of all others.

This game is from developers Urban Games from Switzerland. They created Transport Fever (one) and train fever which were focused on trains. At this company, works (from LinkedIn) 14 people and Transport Fever 2 was made in 2019 so who knows may they are working on the new game!

One year we get a big update. The last one was in spring 2022. You should open and see some news in this game and see some gameplay parts.

Reviews on Steam are positive with 87% positive from 13 908 reviewers.

And Transport Fever 2 cost 39,99 euro on their Steam page. The game is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and of course SteamOS.

Which is the best?

Yes, the last game is the most complex and probably the best successor to OpenTTD. Why I don’t start with them? I want to show you these games first to get new inspiration. For me, I will play all of them and I could recommend play all of them if you like OpenTTD.

Mobile gaming

OpenTTD on Android

Yes, you could play OpenTTD on Android if you are afraid of playing this game on the computer. I’ve played this game when I was in school and yes It was fun, but playing on PC works better for me.

Transport Tycoon

Another OpenTTD-like game on android is Transport Tycoon. It cost something like 7$ (depending on the country) and provides a similar playing experience to OpenTTD. I didn’t play this game but if I compare this game with previous these games have less reviews (numbers and scores) and downloads.

Other games on mobiles…

… at the Google Play store, you could find games like Train Station 2. I must say that I don’t like them – you must wait and pay to skip time. I think that this game isn’t similar to OpenTTD but you could try them.

And the second topic is idle games, yes for the first time they are good, but is repetitive – just grind no challenges. But I must say that there are some Train / Tycoon games so I will create the article in feature.

Other games which you maight like

Rail Route

One of the games which aren’t tycoon and isn’t similar to OpenTTD is Rail Route in this game you will get a map with some stations and you are like the controller and your goal is not to cause any delay. So you must plan where your trains will go and when you get enough money you could build new lines.

I’ve spent hours and hours playing this game to try to optimize all routes. And I could recommend you. There is one of the newest trailers on some last updates because yes this game is in early access.

You could buy it on Stream and play it on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Other games at Steam…

… these games are on mine watchlist. But they aren’t close to OpenTTD or I don’t play them. So you could discover then.

  • NIMBY Rails
  • Softikon (only in czech)
  • Cities in motion 2
  • Cities in motion
  • Titans of industry
  • Infraspace
  • Voxel tycoon
  • Mini metro and mini motorways
  • Railroad Tycoon
  • Factorio
  • Cargo Company
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